2016 for Guide Dogs

Following on from the previous post about #30things for my 30th I decided as I am going to be doing so much fun stuff, and being spoilt rotten for the entire year, I wanted to give something back as a kind of thank you. (I’m sure Jacqui would rather I gave something back to her, but as she will be doing most of the fun … Continue reading 2016 for Guide Dogs

An Afternoon At The Country Club

So most people think of a country club as stuffy stiff upper lip type high society with flash cars, champagne & money. Well this country club is a little different. This country club is fully catered for the canines! The Dogs Country Club.  Located off Slag Lane in Lowton is a lovely run newly created family business. They are using their fields, once used for … Continue reading An Afternoon At The Country Club

Our Latest Addition 

We’ve been thinking for a while now of getting a little sister for Augustus, umming & arring, dreading sleepless nights & being covered in bruises from those needle teeth!  We had been on holiday to Austria and our 11month old choccy boy had been staying with Grandma & Grandad & our 14yr old ‘old boy’ JayJay. Augustus had had such a fab time whilst we … Continue reading Our Latest Addition