Dogfest 2015

Dogfest 2015. Team Cheshire! 

We found out about Dogfest a few months ago & as we are new dog owners again we got excited about the prospect of going to an event which was clearly catered for & encouraged dogs to go. It was being held in 2 locations, Arley Hall in Cheshire & Loseley Park in Surrey on consecutive weekends. Being North West girls we were Team Cheshire! 

As our new addition, now 14 weeks old has not had all her injections, Connie was dropped off this morning for a day of being spoilt by Grandma & Grandad. We fixed the boy in his Ezydog harness & seatbelt and set off to Arley Hall (with a quick Maccy’s breakfast en route).

40 minutes later we arrived at Arley Hall in Cheshire for Dogfest! It opened at 9:30am, we got there at 9:45am & it was already very busy. We had a little wander to get our bearings. All around the outside of the huge field were stalls. Collars, leads, bow ties, bandanas, homemade treats, weight checks, massage therapy, K9 Aqua Sports & tents for talks from the likes of Eukanuba & Noel Fitzpatrick from Supervet. In the middle of the field there were sections set up for agility, trial & general dog display. 

We spent quite a bit of our time at the K9 Aqua Sports section. It was a huge paddling pool, probably about 20ft x 5ft with a ramp & ledge on one end. There was a member of staff in full length waders stood in the pool trying to temp dogs to get in. They were few & far between but the guy was trying his best with encouragement, treats & toys. The so we decided Augustus could have a go. After Frankie had stood in the queue for about 10mins we realised that you needed to pay Β£6 & get a wristband. It was badly signposted for information but as we were there early the queue wasn’t too bad. So after a wait of about an hour it was Augustus’ turn. Frankie was on the ledge with him & I was stood in the crowd shouting encouragement & eventually after a few minutes persuasion Augustus leapt from the ledge, completely dunked under the water then swam off like a pro collecting 2 balls in his mouth before climbing back up the ramp! So proud of our little boy who’s 1yr old tomorrow.  


Whilst Frankie was queuing for Augustus’ swim I had a wander and went to the Hill’s School For Dogs ring & watched Lucy Heath & her border collie Indie doing clicker training & free  shaping tricks & dog dancing which was amazing to see & you could tell that Indie loved what she did.  

We watched a duck/geese herding demo with Elaine Hill & her collie Kate navigating the geese through obstacles & gates, finally getting them into a pen.  


We finished the day watching the owners & their dogs from the Canine Centre‘s Agility Antics doing some routines in the agility ring, lots of fun being had by both dogs & owners & with have-a-go sessions for the general public it was interactive too.  


We couldn’t leave before heading over to the homemade treat stall of Daisy Dog Deli for some birthday treats for Augustus (I’m sure he’ll share some with Connie too).  


Jacqui & Frankie xx


2 thoughts on “Dogfest 2015

  1. Looks like Augustus and mummies had a brilliant day 🐢😘😘 And Connie had a lovely day with grandma and grandad and our old lab Jay-Jay they met for the first time today they were very good 🐢🐢😘😘

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  2. Happy Birthday Agustus Blue, your a beautiful boy and a credit to your mummies. I can’t wait to see both you and Connie out for walks and to read your continued development at training. Xxxxxxxx

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