Are puppies really toddlers in fur coats?!

One very important part of our Team H-P is our 11 month old fur baby chocolate labrador Augustus-Blue. Now i know that Augustus-Blue Hurley-Peet is a bit of a mouthful and I thank God that he’s not an actual child at school having to try to spell that! It’s not a ‘normal’ name for a dog I grant you. Most people would’ve called their dog Max or Bailey, but as we already have 2 cats, Gretsch and Boris, we couldn’t really go with run of the mill names now could we?!
So in the last 9 months that we’ve had Augustus (and yes he always gets his proper name, no shortened version of Gus for our boy!) we’ve had our share of sleepless nights, potty training and that pesky needle like teething stage. He fights his sleep, gets stroppy when he needs a poo and can’t get to his favourite spot in the garden and has the ‘i didn’t do anything’ look down to a tea. 

All of which seem to fit in with stories I’ve had from my sister about my nephews at this age.

But these last few weeks he’s surpassed himself and we have had ‘knickergate!’ Now every time my sister calls or texts to let us know she is at hospital, it is 100% guaranteed that it is due to my youngest nephew Elliot, either swallowing a garden pebble or putting a piece of lego up his nose! Augustus seems to to be following in his older cousins foot steps.
On Easter Sunday as I was in the shower, I heard Frankie shouting at Augustus. At first this didn’t cause me any great concern. Not that he gets shouted at a lot, but he is a pesky kid and does often run off with random things. But this time was different. I sensed the sound of panic in Frankie’s voice. Augustus had stolen a pair of knickers, ran under the bed and edged his way as far back as possible so Frankie couldn’t reach him. He had the knickers for literally 20 seconds, looked at her defiantly and swallowed them whole! We frantically searched Google on what to do in this instance. Surprisingly there were hundreds of threads on what to do when dogs swallow the weirdest of things so we kept an eye on him and hoped he wouldn’t be sick.
So Easter Monday came. A Bank holiday Monday. A Bank holiday Monday which meant no vets were open. Where only an emergency help line phone number was at our immediate rescue. Augustus-Blue Hurley-Peet began to vomit! Our last day of the Easter Bank Holiday weekend was spent panicking at the Emergency Hospital Pet Medics at Worsley where Augustus stayed for 5 nights. He had X-rays, ultrasounds, swallowed barium balls and eventually had surgery to removed the knickers from in-between his stomach and intestines. He’s now been renamed Nicholas by the amazing staff at his doggy daycare at the Canine Centre

Augustus just after light sedation for an X-ray   
Now I don’t know at what age children grow out of swallowing things or sticking them up their nose. Augustus has plenty of toys but still goes mental for a plastic bottle just as a toddler would rather play in a cardboard box than with the toy it came in. But as our fur babies are only with us for a relatively short time in comparison to our natural children, I don’t think they need to grow up too quickly do you?!

Jacqui x


2 thoughts on “Are puppies really toddlers in fur coats?!

    1. What a beautiful puppy! And yes, labs are just big toddlers. Mongo the Lab, at 5 years old, still carries his favorite toys around, and still crawls into bed when he wants company. And he eats almost anything. He’s had to have two surgeries in the last year to remove things from his insides that shouldn’t be there. I finally purchased veterinary insurance. Mongo is also a runner. His most recent race, and his most recent surgery are chronicled in November’s I’m sure it will all sound familiar. 🙂

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