Trialling a Trail

Since I tend to sign up for something, then train for it, then have months off & start the cycle again I’m trying to get out of that habit  & have therefore got myself a list of races & triathlons of different distances & challenges over the next 6-9 months. I’ve thrown in an open water swim triathlon (argh!), Olympic distance triathlon (double argh!!), a … Continue reading Trialling a Trail

Injury frustration 😔

On 3rd Sept I completed the Manchester 100 bike ride, a 100 mile ride through Manchester & Cheshire in aid of Christies. When I reached about the 40 mile mark I felt, what I can only describe as the feeling of someone literally stabbing me in the shoulder. Somehow I battled through the next 60 miles to complete the ride but have been in agony … Continue reading Injury frustration 😔

Cheshire Triathlon 2017 PB!

If you’ve read my earlier blogs you’ll know that I had been training for my second triathlon along with my first timer mates Hayley and Steve. Hayley got me into running a few years ago so she decided to join me (now her knee seems to be almost injury free) in the cycling & swimming side of it too. I had been running with Steve … Continue reading Cheshire Triathlon 2017 PB!

The first rule of flat tyres is, don’t talk about flat tyres!

The sun was shining, the weather was warm ish, the bike was sparkling clean & I was all kitted up in my new bib tights and cycling top ready for a good 30ish km ride with my mate Steve.  Now where I live is mainly flat & where Steve lives is mainly hills so I’d done a reccy the night before trying to find a … Continue reading The first rule of flat tyres is, don’t talk about flat tyres!