1st Cycle Down

To complete the Northwest Triathlon I really need to train at more than just running. Until today my butt was in perfect working order, and had not been tortured by a bicycle seat for at least 4 years.

Today was the day that everything changed for the foreseeable future, my first cycle session, on my Vertigo Carnaby, attached to my Minoura M50 turbo trainer. The bicycle was a purchase from birthday money at the beginning of May, so it is a little shameful that it has taken me over a month to use it.

All set up and ready to go in the garage. Hounds worn out so they will chill while I am training.

15 minutes in, I feel like I am dying already, no one warned me that cycling hurt so much. Dog barks to the rescue. Augustus the pesky lad is sat at the dining room table, as if the chair is his seat and not ours… barking at himself in the mirror!

The bike moves outside.


After a few near misses the dogs understand how far away they have to stand. They then proceeded to spend the next 35 minutes playing… it is nice to be able to train while watching them play. I may be bias, but they are sooooooo cute.


50 minutes done, that will have to do for today because I can no longer sit on the seat. I think I am going to have to get myself some padded shorts. Come to think of it, the other Mrs H-P is going to have to do some hefty overtime in the next few weeks, as I need the following:-
– Padded cycling shorts
– A cycle computer
– A tri-suit
– A bicycle pump
– A helmet

For the next 13 weeks, 6 days and 15 hours I am on it… Only a 3 mile run, 50 plank walks and 50 lunges to go today. Good job we have Sci MX protein powder!


Frankie xx


2 thoughts on “1st Cycle Down

  1. Great post 🙂
    Please do not think i am being forward. Have you thought about a new saddle to match your sit bones and with a cut out
    to take away pressure from your delicate area.


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