An Afternoon At The Country Club

So most people think of a country club as stuffy stiff upper lip type high society with flash cars, champagne & money. Well this country club is a little different. This country club is fully catered for the canines! The Dogs Country Club. 

Located off Slag Lane in Lowton is a lovely run newly created family business. They are using their fields, once used for their children’s horse (now grown up) to open them up for secure off lead doggy fun! A 2 acre field with freshwater lake, fully secured with 6ft high fencing enables a stress free, safe running & play environment for our beloved canines. It’s runs like this…….someone greets you at the main gate & there’s plenty of space to park. On your first visit they will walk you through the area & explain how it all works. You basically walk through one 2 acre long field until you get to a left hand gate. Once in that field it’s playtime. Let your dog off the lead & they have the freedom to run & play & swim.  

 Prices……its £10 per hour for a maximum of 5 dogs which I think is pretty good value for money of your dog, like ours, is excitable, young & has limited recall lol! You can take more dogs at £2 per dog.  

 The beauty of the process is that as the fields are next to each other & separated by trees & water, dogs coming & going don’t see each other, which is perfect for aggressive or nervous dogs & owners don’t have to be on pins for how their dog will react. 

Once you’ve finished you’re invited into the court yard for a brew & towel dry of your dog. Again in a secured fenced area & away from the next dog who is already playing in the field.  

 A perfect use of land & facilities. Only opened recently but they have already expanded & created an agility course in the old ménage & do doggy daycare & massage. Highly recommended with lovely staff. 
Jacqui & Frankie (and the hounds)


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