National Running Show

Last weekend me, Frankie & Hayley went to the National Running Show at the NEC in Birmingham. This event was run over both Saturday & Sunday with different speakers on each day & lots of companies selling their goods & promoting their races. We decided to go on the Sunday, so off we set, an early 6am start to get us down to Birmingham for … Continue reading National Running Show

Trialling a Trail

Since I tend to sign up for something, then train for it, then have months off & start the cycle again I’m trying to get out of that habit  & have therefore got myself a list of races & triathlons of different distances & challenges over the next 6-9 months. I’ve thrown in an open water swim triathlon (argh!), Olympic distance triathlon (double argh!!), a … Continue reading Trialling a Trail

Injury frustration 😔

On 3rd Sept I completed the Manchester 100 bike ride, a 100 mile ride through Manchester & Cheshire in aid of Christies. When I reached about the 40 mile mark I felt, what I can only describe as the feeling of someone literally stabbing me in the shoulder. Somehow I battled through the next 60 miles to complete the ride but have been in agony … Continue reading Injury frustration 😔

Cheshire Triathlon 2017 PB!

If you’ve read my earlier blogs you’ll know that I had been training for my second triathlon along with my first timer mates Hayley and Steve. Hayley got me into running a few years ago so she decided to join me (now her knee seems to be almost injury free) in the cycling & swimming side of it too. I had been running with Steve … Continue reading Cheshire Triathlon 2017 PB!

Tri with a little help from our friends 

Frankie did her first triathlon at the North West Triathlon in Cheshire in 2015. I did the same one in 2016. 2017 is about Tri’ing with our friends & getting some more newbies into the sport.  My friend Hayley over at Getoutandseestuff has had a hard time over the last few years with a knee injury. Going from running 10km’s & hoping to step up … Continue reading Tri with a little help from our friends