2016 for Guide Dogs

Following on from the previous post about #30things for my 30th I decided as I am going to be doing so much fun stuff, and being spoilt rotten for the entire year, I wanted to give something back as a kind of thank you. (I’m sure Jacqui would rather I gave something back to her, but as she will be doing most of the fun stuff too I decided against it.)

I spent months trying to figure out what I wanted to do.  Then everything clicked into place.  Why not just raise money by doing the things we love.  Everyone knows we have loads of races and events planned for the year, and so Jacqui and I have turned it into one HUGE challenge.  All of which to raise money for Guide Dogs for the Blind.

We chose Guide Dogs because we took Augustus to puppy class, and will be taking him and Connie back to Top Dogs Activity Centre, along with two Guide Dog puppies in training, Cujo and Terry.  Cujo and Augustus were best friends, who encouraged each other to be pesky… Although Augustus was the cheekier of the two.  Cujo recently graduated to big school, and we won’t see him again, but the amount of work that goes into each little pupster was evident.


Clearly our cheeky hounds would never make the grade, but we decided this would be something we feel strongly for and would like to help with.

So far the events we have planned are…

January – Cake Morning

February – Manchester Winter Run Series (the hugs with polar bears tipped it for me)

March – Jacqui is doing the World Championship Half Marathon in Cardiff (I’m being supportive this weekend)

April – Manchester Marathon (Eeek this is our first ever FULL)

May – Manchester 10k

June/ July – Pretty Mudder

September – Salford 10k

North West Triathlon

We will hopefully be adding more fun events for you all to get involved in, and possibly something for all your pooches to join in on too!  Watch this space.

Should you want to be supportive in our challenge in any way feel free to get in touch, whether it is with offer of cakes for the cake morning, or by sponsoring us, or arranging your own event to help.  Thank you in advance.

Love Frankie



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