Tomorrow is D-Day. Finally Manchester Marathon day has arrived. The day that we have stupidly agreed to run 26.2miles in raising money for Guide Dogs

So to enable us to hopefully complete the marathon without ‘hitting the wall’ too early we have been following a carb loading plan since Thursday. 

The whole concept of carb loading is that in general your body can only store enough glycogen (energy) to sustain 90 minutes of exercise. After this point, without sufficient extra fuelling you are in danger of running out of energy and coming up against the dreaded “wall”. So in the process of carb loading it’s advised to have approx 5-7g of carbohydrates per kg of body weight. These carbohydrates need to be consumed in little & often meals throughout the day. 
Today, our last day of carb loading we went for lunch at Vapiano in the Corn Exchange in Manchester. 

Vapiano is a Europe wide German chain of restaurants serving Italian food, 4 of which are in the UK, 3 in London & 1 in Manchester. 

On our arrival today we were greeted by the manager Lauris. He showed us around, having never been before & explained how the process works. Each person is given a Vapiano credit card in which their food/drinks are billed to & then tallied up at final payment.  

We were led upstairs into the main area where there are large tables, each seating 6-8 people which adds to the Italian feel of great communal atmospheric dining. 

 There are 4 food stations & a main bar area. The idea is to order your own food at the station and have it cooked fresh before your eyes! 


Although there are menu’s to guide you at the salad/antipasti, pasta/risotto, pizza & dessert stations, each meal can be tailored to your own personal choice or dietary needs. The pasta is made fresh each morning & cooked as you watch, taking approx 5-7minutes, while at the pizza station you make your order & are given a beeper which alerts you to when it is easy instead of waiting for the 10-15mins it takes to cook.  

At each station & dotted around the restaurant are fresh herbs which you can pick or dishes of dried oregano & chilli flakes to add at your own taste to your meal.  

 Today we went to the pasta/risotto station for our carb loading fix. There are 10 different types of pasta to choose from dependant on how you prefer it to react with your sauce.  


I ordered pappardelle pomodoro with added chicken & garlic & Frankie had campanelle arrabbiata with added chicken.  


Now I’ve eaten pasta in Rome & Venice & this matches up to any I’ve eaten in Italy. Lovely fresh ingredients, homemade fresh pasta……bellissima!!

The meal was finished off with some not so carb loading desserts. We had to go for the stereotypical tiramisu & panna cotta.  

Now that we are suitably carb loaded, let’s cross our fingers that we can #eatpastarunfaster! 

Jacqui & Frankie


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