Tri with a little help from our friends 

Frankie did her first triathlon at the North West Triathlon in Cheshire in 2015. I did the same one in 2016. 2017 is about Tri’ing with our friends & getting some more newbies into the sport. 

My friend Hayley over at Getoutandseestuff has had a hard time over the last few years with a knee injury. Going from running 10km’s & hoping to step up to the half marathon level to getting an injury, not being able to do anything at all & now gradually working on her HIIT exercises & with a bit of encouragement from us agreeing to take part in the Cheshire Tri in May. This now involves conversations in what would’ve previously been an unknown language  about cleats, shifters, discs & tri suits!

As I work shifts I sometimes find it hard to get my training sessions in so I’d taken to going for a run on my dinner hour. My supervisor Steve is really into cycling & wanted to start running so has started to come with me too. It’s a 4km loop that I can fit in in the time scale but every little bit helps. It literally took 2 runs & a 2min conversation about what my next challenge was for Steve to get the Tri bug too. 

Just goes to show, everyone can Tri with a little help from their friends! Watch this space for a Tri update! 


One thought on “Tri with a little help from our friends 

  1. I sang that title!! Lol look forward to learning the new language and sponging up as much knowledge from you both as possible! Glad Steve is joining us so that I’m not the only tri virgin!

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