Gung-Ho or Gung-No!

We’ve done a few road races over the last few years but have always wanted to do some kind of obstacle course one. So taking advantage of Frankie’s #30things we signed up for Gung-Ho, an inflatable obstacle course of 5km running around Heaton Park. 

The weather wasn’t the greatest, typical April showers & patches of sun. The previous days had been quite wet so the ground under foot wasn’t the best, especially with the volume of foot traffic, some patches were a muddy bog!

The race had been running in waves since about 9am. We arrived at 12pm nice & early for our 12:45pm wave. 

The start area was set up with the usual toilets (looked like they had come from a weekend festival with no toilet roll), the start obstacle & the usual over priced food & beverage trailers. 

With an unorganised warm up we huddled together from the rain & hail waiting for our start. About 15-20mins late we were on the start line.

Up and over the 1st inflatable obstacle & we were off. Lots of laughs & falls but we got over it. 

Some running/walking/shuffling through the mud then ensued.
The running part of the course was marked out with flat football cones which just seemed to do laps back on ourselves. 

Anyway onto the next inflatable & we were hit by a mass of people, possible 200 queuing for the next obstacle which only allowed 2 people at a time on it. So we waited & waited & waited. With time ticking on & no sign of getting anywhere soon we decided to skip the obstacle. 

On to the next little run section & to the next inflatable. This was the wall! Very hard to get over as nothing to hold onto at the top, but we managed it.


With a quick toilet break we headed to obstacle 4. Another long queue but we wanted to wait for this one. A longer obstacle, jumping over barriers, through a section with large handing balls & up and over a slide. About 30mins of waiting & we finally got our chance. The best obstacle so far! But look at the queue!

As the queues were so long & therefore added so much time onto what we would’ve thought to have been a 1-1:30hr 5km walk/shuffle we decided to skip some of the running sections. As the running ‘track’ was merely laid out with 1 single row of flat football cones it was easy to jump ahead from obstacle to obstacle rather than doing the full 5km course. We had plans later on that evening & had to be back by 4ish. Thinking that we had a 12:45pm start we thought we had plenty of time. Clearly not with the unorganised timing & queues.

We then went onto the next 3 obstacles which, as we skipped some of the run actually had no queues. Fun to be had here! 

Onto the last obstacle & faced with yet another queue! There were 2 options here. Either the jump or the slide. We were told that the jump queue was about 30mins wait & the slide a 40min wait! My sister isn’t the best with heights & was nervous about going the slide. She stayed with us until the very end but then decided it wasn’t for her. She went to the side & asked the marshal aka Hitler if she could just walk around the side. She was told that she had to walk through the queue & out the back way which made her feel embarrassed & quite annoyed!

After 2hrs 9mins, 10 obstacles & £35 we finished a 5km run! When there are other obstacles courses out there with upwards of 15 obstacles for the same price & you get some bling (The Gauntlet Games 1 of many examples!) it seems that the Gung Ho is over priced, un-organised & lacking in finish pack bling! 

Will we be doing Gung Ho again?? Gung No!


3 thoughts on “Gung-Ho or Gung-No!

  1. We are proud of you All for giving it a go but we also was disappointed in the course and the cost of refreshments as we had our two grandsons with us watching there Mum and two Aunties also there friends
    But well done xx


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