Injury frustration 😔

On 3rd Sept I completed the Manchester 100 bike ride, a 100 mile ride through Manchester & Cheshire in aid of Christies. When I reached about the 40 mile mark I felt, what I can only describe as the feeling of someone literally stabbing me in the shoulder. Somehow I battled through the next 60 miles to complete the ride but have been in agony since. I’ve had very limit d movement to the front & side, not being able to move my arm more than about 45 degrees upwards without severe pain. It feels as though something is either trapped or it will dislocate if I push it any further. 

After a week off work I went to the GP who referred me for an ultrasound. Now this wouldn’t be a major to some people but I have been training with my friend Steve since February, getting him into running & triathlons & had started training for the Manchester Half Marathon, Steve’s first at this distance. We had the Rochdale 10km booked in for 8th Oct & the Manchester Half for 15th Oct. After being told by the GP not to run I was devestated at not being able to train. 4 weeks off running was too much to pull back to race a 10km & to cover the half marathon distance this weekend. 

I’ve been diagnosed with shoulder bursitis, an inflammation of a fluid filled sac in the shoulder joint which needs rest, time & physio to heal. Fortunately I can go back running but I’m a little apprehensive about what pain the jostling about with cause. I’m frustrated at not being able to train. I didn’t realise that it had become just an important part of my life. I’m no threat to the scoreboard leaders in any events, I do it for my own personal progression, my own Gold medal PB but still the frustration is huge! I’m also worried about the 4 weeks off & how far my fitness level may have deteriorated when I go out for my first 2 mile run on Saturday when I should’ve been running 13.1 miles on Sunday. 

Slowly building up the fitness again is the aim, can’t wait to get back on the bike & pulling on those trainers. 2018 has some major events planned & I don’t want the injury to have a detrimental effect on those plans. 

I understand that 4 weeks out isn’t a major blip when it comes to injury, it could’ve been far worse, just the disappointment of missing running the Manchester Half with Hayley & Steve (both HM first timers) is hard to swallow.


4 thoughts on “Injury frustration 😔

  1. I know so well how you feel but now it is my turn to keep you positive and focused on slowly building yourself back up whilst helping your shoulder to recover too. You’d raised the bar in all manner of areas from distance running and cycling to triathlons and you’ve been the inspiration for Steve & I! Just take it easy and you’ll be back smashing those PBs again next season without a doubt!

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  2. Jacqui, You may not realise it, but there are lots of people who read all about the competitions you enter, your training, the people you run/cycle/swim with, your aspirations, your achievements, and the positive effect you have on those who know you. This might be a setback, but everyone is wishing you well and a speedy recovery, so you can get back to being an inspiration to others.
    Well done on everything you’ve achieved so far, and good luck in all the events to come 😉

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  3. Your disappointment and frustration is clear to see You have come a long way from when you started The couch to 5k I’m sure you will pick yourself up and get on with your training with the help of FRANKIE Steve and the rest of us behind you chin up love YOU CAN DO IT XX😘😘

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