Tri’ing in the rain, just Tri’ing in the rain!! 🎶

So as you may have read in my previous post it’s tri training time again. I tend to do this. I do training for an event, do the event, promise myself I’ll keep up the training & never do. So when it comes to a few months before a planned event the training from scratch starts again. I really need to learn a lesson!! 

So anyway I’ve been brace this time & bought myself (or good willed friends/family who left money in Christmas cards have bought me) some clipless pedals/cleats & cycling shoes. Now why something that requires you to ‘clip in’ are called ‘clipless‘ is beyond me but it’s back to the ‘new language’ I’ve been learning. 

My friend Steve (who I’ve convinced to do his 1st tri with me in May) has been cycling for quite a few years & uses cleats & advised me on the best beginner ones to get. So just after Christmas I ordered myself some Shimano R540 SPD SL road pedals which are, in his opinion the best for a starter pedal as they have the ability to loosen the ‘clip in’ function so you don’t get as stuck! I also ordered some Bont Riot TR self mouldable cycling shoes. So I waited eagerly for my delivery & couldn’t wait to get going when they arrived. Unfortunately I couldn’t get my old pedals off so had to take my bike to Evans Cycles & as I had bought my pedals from there they fitted them for free! The shoes on the other hand were not as easy. The point of the shoe is to mound them to your own feet but putting them in the oven, heating them so they become somewhat mailable & then put them on your feet. All sounds easy until you misread the instructions between degrees C & F, put them in to hot & come out with brown stained white shoes with melted straps!! Luckily they were in the sale at £29 so not a huge loss. So I ordered myself a new pair & to be honest I love my new ones. They’re a better fit & more comfortable. Some bright red (be seen be safe) Spiuk Roddas road shoes. I LOVE THEM!! 

So during my lunch hour at work I’ve been running with Steve. He’s built up from a run/walk 4km route to a full run 5km route in under 40 mins in the space of 5 runs which I think is quite impressive. Most of which have been done in wind or drizzle. I like running in the rain so that’s not a huge issue. So last week we decided that I needed to be brace & test out my new pedals & cleats! So on a Saturday afternoon shift we took the bikes for a spin. Now I was a fair weather rider so wasn’t prepared with thermal bib tights etc, more of the matching bib shorts & top (all the gear and no idea clearly!) The rain started pouring, the wind started howling & we were soaked & full of grit & dirt by the end of the 12km loop. 

On Tuesday we decided to go for a bike ride on our day off, try to get some more mileage in as according to Steve, it’s pointless if you do less than 20miles! I’d only ever done 20km before in one go so that in itself was going to be a challenge. We checked the weather & all looked ok. The morning started with crisp sunshine perfect cycling weather. The second I ‘clipped in’ it started spitting then the heavens opened. 20miles in the cold & constant rain meant that my white socks were now black & I couldn’t feel my toes. ‘We’ll ge a dry cycle one day’ he promised!! But we went out. We conquered the distance & the weather. Can’t ask much more from ourselves! Thankfully the day after I did a 6km run in lovely dry conditions so that put a good end to a few days training. 

Now with storm Doris paying us a visit I wonder how many more wet weather training days we’ll have!


3 thoughts on “Tri’ing in the rain, just Tri’ing in the rain!! 🎶

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