Flat caps at the ready! 

For the past few years I’ve been saying I’m going to go to the Royal Cheshire Show & this year we finally made it! 

My brother-in-law bought some land over the last few years & has gradually built up a stock of sheep, pigs & chickens & we spent a few days at the farm during lambing season this year, helping some of the sheep at an ungodly hour! Frankie comes from a farming family, her grandparents owning a large farm up in Preston with cows, sheep & pigs so her love of that life is in her bones & its gradually getting in mine too! 

So this year it finally fell on a day off from work & we booked tickets. £16 each for 1 day or a VIP members pass for both days with a free guest for £40! No brainier! We live about an hours drive from Tabley Showground where the show is held so decided to stay overnight at the Golden Pheasant & make a mini break out of it. We set off early on the Tuesday morning as its notorious for traffic problems getting into the Cheshire Show. As part of our VIP package we got priority parking up close to one of the main entrances to the show field. The weather was glorious but wellies were still required from the after affects of the previous day’s rain & the ground being churned up by tractors & trailers on the Showground.

As we walked through the entrance we were met with a vintage array of tractors & cars. I loved this part. I love the way they used to build things, they look so basic compared to more modern machinery & vehicles yet in my eyes nothing matches how well built & beautiful they are. I won’t bore you all with tractors & car pictures but just a few of my favourites! 

We then met is with Will & Emma (Frankie’s brother & his girlfriend) and did the ‘farmer’ bit but not before some sibling rivalry & donations to the Scours with some air rifle target shooting!

First stop for a sheep farmer was obviously, the sheep! So many different knows of sheep & randomly some tango’d ones! 

Apparently it makes their black bits blacker! For judging purposes! And some sheep like had cow faces! 

The pesky pigs came next! They can be real boisterous animals & the way the owners show them I find hilarious. Tap them with a stick & hold a white board against their head! Some really struggled to keep their pigs in line! 

Onto Frankie’s favourite part……the cows! We went into he huge warehouse type structure which houses the cows. Loads of different varieties. Now I’m not on the best of friendly terms with cows. I think it’s just their huge size & the fact that they’re in this structure & you have to walk down the hay covered alleyway with them all backing on to you, I’m scared they’re going to kick out. Especially the British Blondes & Blue’s! They’re like cows on steroids! 

After a very long day we made our way to the Golden Pheasant for the night. A lovely pub B&B in Plumley. 2 course evening meal of good homemade food, a few drinks & a good nights sleep was required before tackling the Cheshire Show for round 2!

Dogs, horses & shopping was the order of the day. Owning 2 chocolate Labradors we had to check out the Labrador section o the dog show & a choccy won whilst we were there! We clearly have no talent for judging though as each one we picked as our winner ended up coming last! 

The horse section of the show was huge! The judging fields seemed to go for miles broken up into showjumping & dressage. Some beautiful horses & some very overdressed owners! 

We had to fit in a visit to the Pygmy goats! Theses are usually handled by children from about 6-16yrs old. Some of the Pygmy goats ct just like little Yorkshire terriers, jumping up to their handlers for a quick treat! 

We’ve decided that our next project will be owning a small holding filled with Jersey cows & goats! 

Living the country life! 

Jacqui & Frankie x


6 thoughts on “Flat caps at the ready! 

  1. Ooh I’ve never heard of this before but we only live about an hour away. Sadly we’re not rural but I have always dreamt of owning land and animals. Looks like a fab day and I shall check it out next year! Lisa x

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  2. Ah I would love a smallholding! When you get yours can I keep a pygmy goat there please? The show looks great though I’m not sure I’d want to be within kicking distance of those cows either 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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