A Perfect Saturday Morning

A few weeks ago Hayley and I had the opportunity to go to a spin class at Spin Factory in Manchester.

When I am not being mega lazy (unfortunately right now I am!), I go to at least one spin class a week… but this was a beast!

On arrival we downloaded the app.  which lets you register and buy credits at the click of a button, and then we were shown around.  Its a fairly contemporary, all white place, lit by coloured uplighting.  There are three studios, a normal spin studio, a Watt Bike studio and a studio that has weird classes in!!

We had a little play on the Watt Bikes… oh my goodness do I now NEED to go to one of these classes.  They tell you how much you use each leg to pedal… and that is just the basics… These classes are by all accounts for people who really want to learn about how they cycle, and how to improve their race.  With only a handful of bikes in this studio, attending one of these classes would seriously be tailored to you.  It is definitely a class I will be doing in the future.  Hopefully in the run up to this years Tri.  I will even drag Jacqui along.


The weird studio… the classes in there… they are a little like circuits, but with matts, spin bikes and kettles.  Somewhat too intense for my shoulder that I think I will be giving this room a swerve.  Although I think while I am sweating it out in the normal spin studio that Jacqui would love this room.  A mix between weights, toning and cardio… It is strangely her idea of heaven.

After the tour we headed into the spin room for a class run by Ross.  Now all the classes I have been to before tell you when and how much to increase the tension.  Not this place. They tell you how hard you should be working and to up the tension until you feel you are.  If you are willing to be honest and work  as hard as you can this is the place for you.  I totally nailed myself during the class… and could not walk the next day.  I have not felt anything like that in my legs for a long time.  I just wish there was one closer to home!


After sweating too much we had a quick shower and change in the changing rooms, and headed just round the corner to Neighbourhood for a light lunch.  This place is beautiful and the food is even nicer!  Who knew I would enjoy sushi and humous…



Although I definitely enjoyed the Wagu burgers the best!



I couldn’t have had a better morning, and then headed home to spend the afternoon chilling with the wife and four legged children.

So… Get yourself down to Spin Factory… and burn off that amazing food.

Love Frankie xxx


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