Smashed it! PB! 

Sunday was an awesome day for many reasons. 

1. Raising awareness for Cancer Research.

2. Heather & Bean’s first ever race. 

3. Smashed our 10k PB!

Frankie & I took part in the Manchester leg of the Winter Run Series 10k race around the Etihad Stadium. As those who have been reading our blog we have been running for a few years now & have done 5k, 10k, half marathon & are currently training for the Manchester Marathon in April and so this 10k fell in to our training schedule perfectly. 

Last August, for their own personal reasons, our friends Heather & Bean started the couch to 5k plan. With some struggles here & there & some good runs & bad runs they have kept going & now have all the kit to be runners! 

After some encouragement from myself & Frankie & the knowledge that the Winter Run Series had added on a 5k & 2.5k section to the race they signed up for their first ever race, taking the 2.5k option as a starter. 

The event was very well organised. We arrived at the Etihad Stadium early on Sunday morning & paid our £5 car park fee. There were volunteers dressed up as polar bears, penguins snowmen & St Bernard dogs to add to the winter theme.

The 3 different race lengths were split into 4 wave times. Heather & Bean were in the 9am wave for the 2.5k race. We were amazingly proud when they crossed the finish line in with their own PB.  

 Next was our turn. As it approached 10:30 we stripped down to our running clothes, our outfits for the year bring superhero theme of Captain America & Iron Man!  

 The last 10k that we competed in for a timed event was the Salford 10k in Sept 2014 which we completed in just short of 1hr 16mins. During our marathon training we had done done quick 6.5mile runs, beating out 10k PB at the time so we knew that we had a quick time in our legs. We were aiming for anything under 1hr 10mins. We had it worked out that we would need an average pace of 11min 14sec miles which was a little daunting to keep up for 6.2miles! 

So we set off in our wave of runners. It was a 2 lap course around the Etihad Stadium & the Regional Athletics Arena.  

 With the brilliant support off all the people around the course, the volunteers shouting encouragement & the excellent sounds of the samba band we smashed our PB by nearly 13mins finishing the 10k in 1hr 3min 52sec!! Absolutely over the moon. I now know the meaning of a runners high! It just shows what you can push yourself to when in a race environment.  

 Many more events to come this year, 1st marathon & 1st time triathlon for me & maybe a sub 60min 10k….or maybe I’ll have to wait till next year for that! 

Jacqui x


3 thoughts on “Smashed it! PB! 

  1. Fantastically proud of you both a brilliant time it’s great you keep going better and better 🏃🏃👏👏them medals are mounting
    Very proud of Bean and Heather doing there first run think they will do another one now 🏃🏃👏👏
    Well done all round 😘😘😘😘

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Fantastically so proud of you both for keep going you are doing so well and how fast and looking so good 🏃🏃👏👏 those medals are mounting up
    Very proud of Bean and Heather too for keep trying well done all round 😘😘😘😘


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