Training days, raining days! 

Who wouldn’t want a lovely run in the spring time?! Sign up for the Manchester Marathon. Our 1st ever at that distance. Lovely springtime April weather to run in, not to hot & not too cold, just about t-shirt weather. What people either forget, or don’t consider when signing up for these runs is that for the average person (us!) this training will take about 4-6 months. This means winter training! 

We started our training in mid December when we got our Christmas presents early (TomTom Runner 2 music & cardio watches!!!), a few missed training days here & there for Christmas festivities but on the wagon now following a serious training programme with My Asics plan. However, we live in Manchester, and I know that in comparison to some parts of the world, our winters maybe a god send, but when you’re running 11miles in torrential downpour & hail it isn’t pleasant in any country! 

The early morning dark runs, the late afternoon dark runs, feels like I need a head torch, a boat & some oars at times. The runs are becoming longer now & therefore  so is the time, not being a fast runner (average 11-12min miles) means a 11mile run takes about 2hrs 15mins. Coming home tired, cold & soaked to the bone, ringing out socks & headbands or making wet footprints on the floorboards!  

So why do we do it? I have wondered sometimes, especially at the bottom of a hill at the 10mile mark or when I’ve got up early to do a run before a Kettlecise class at the gym to do my strength work. 

I do it because I am getting stronger! Getting those guns! 💪💪 

I do it because I am getting faster! 6.5 mile run now faster than my 10km PB! 

I do it because we’re spending 2016 raising money for the Guide Dogs

I do it because I want to be able to say ‘A marathon, I did that!’. 

I do it because it’s only 26.2 miles…..& because 26.3miles would be crazy!!  

Jacqui xx


4 thoughts on “Training days, raining days! 

  1. Love this! It gave me goosebumps! You two are inspiring for all those who are contemplating extending their runs and taking their personal challenge to the next level! Go girls!!

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