Manchester Cancer Research UK Winter Run

The first run of 2016 will be the Manchester Winter 10k on 28th February 2016, and one I am most looking forward to!!  For no more of a reason than… the hugs with polar bears!!


The winter run series are taking place in different locations throughout the Country, but the big bonus of the Manchester Event is just how flat the course is.  With it being a flattish 10k, it makes it a hit with runners of all levels.  Starting at the Etihad Stadium also makes it a hit with the Manchester City fans too!

So far I am running the race along with Jacqui and Hayley (if her knee is better, following the best part of a year out…come on Hayleys knee!) We are looking forward to the snow zones, and the undisclosed winter surprises that will entertain the runners… Im hoping this includes flavoured snow cones at the end, although I think this may just be wishful thinking!

This is the perfect run to set us up for the big running year we have in 2016, especially as normally the winter months are fairly empty and this is a fun way to start the season.  It keeps us motivated through the horrible winter months, knowing that we are keeping in shape for the very worthwhile cause of cancer research.

Are you willing to take the challenge… brave the elements and earn that well deserved polar bear hug along with the pretty winter medal (a pretty medal is always a winner!)


(Last years medal for the London run… if mine is like that I will be happy!!)

A bonus this year, when signing up you can opt to add a training woolly hat… do it! They are well worth the money… I am going to steal Jacquis! 

 Do it… Sign up and join us… We will be the crazy ones dressed as Captain America and Iron man!

Love Frankie



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