So……. This year our friend Hayley turned 30 and is still in the process of doing #30things.

It was decided early on this year that next year we would do #30things, as I turn 30.  We have spent the best part of this year coming up with fun things we can do- 30 things in one year is quite a lot!!  Little did we know that #30things really just meant “things for your thirtieth” and not 30 actual things.  Too late- it now means 30 actual fun things!

So far we have a few things booked/ or planned:-


Bake sale


Running in the Manchester winter run.

Flights to Brussels, and hotels in Brussels and Bruges

Tickets to see Sarah Millican at Manchester Apollo


Crufts along with a night out in Birmingham.

Jacqui is running the World Championship Half Marathon in Cardiff, so hotel booked for weekend away.

At some point in either March or April I am hoping to help lambing on my brothers farm– at which point he needs to have acquired a tractor for me to drive!


Running the Manchester Marathon

Flights to Amsterdam booked – I actually turn 30 while away!!!


This month is where the dilemma comes.  I am a beach girl, love the sea and the sun.  We planned for a beach holiday to Lopud for the end of the month, to celebrate our fourth wedding anniversary.  All looks and sounds amazing!


We kind of also had in our heads that we wanted to run the first ever Disneyland Paris Half Marathon, which is the weekend before.  When planning the beach we had it in our heads that the run and stay and flights to Paris would be way too expensive. Prices were released this week and it is probably going to come to the same price as a week in Lopud.


Which do we choose????????



Day out at the Clothes show live with the work girls (this is not really Jacquis cup of tea!!)


And a big list of things to slot in throughout the year.



Horse riding

Go karting

Laser quest

Pretty mudder

Escape Room

And numerous other things listed on Jacquis phone.

Any ideas welcome… although Jacqui would probably thank you for the cheaper the better 😉

I am so spoilt and cannot wait for next year!! #30things… Eeek

Love Frankie xxx


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