Bumble Bee or Spider-Man?

If you’ve read any of our earlier posts you’ll know that about 4-5 months ago, on the back of an endorphin high from the half marathon we did in April, we decided to put in for the London Marathon ballot. Getting carried away with the online application form I mistakenly paid for my place before any confirmation of a place was guaranteed. Β£55 paid. It goes to chariety if I didn’t get a place so I guess that’s my contribution for a few months. Karma feeds on karma right? Well fingers crossed! 

Months past & we went on holidays, got another 4 legged addition to the family, days out, took up new fitness as classes at the gym & Frankie did her triathlon. The marathon ballot went out of our heads. 

Then all of a sudden, we had a week off work & Twitter went mental with results of the London Marathon ballot. Having never entered it before I had no idea what to expect…..que me & Frankie on Twitter & Facebook constantly to find out what’s going on. So apparently each applicant wil get a magazine with either a woman runner dressed in a bumble bee outfit with the slogan ‘bee prepared’ of a man running in a Spider-Man outfit with ‘I’m sorry’ on the front cover.  

 The week of annual leave from work now went from lovely dog walks in the countryside & meals out, to stress, impatience & Twitter stalking! Finally, as I was waiting in Specsavers for an eye appointment, I get a phone call from my Dad who had been checking on the hounds. I had post! I had magazine shaped post! I had a Spider-Man magazine!  
Gutted is not the word! My only compensation was that with my error in paying early, I got a London Marathon training top…..to wear for a race I’m not entered in to! The following day Frankie got a ‘I’m sorry’ email too. I guess we had high expectations. When you build it up in your head that it’s what you’re doing to do, you will get in & you’ll run amazingly! Unfortunately sometimes, things suck! 
Now if you think this is a way out of doing our 1st marathon next year, you’d be wrong. Bring on Manchester Marathon 2016! Hometown glory!

Jacqui & Frankie


3 thoughts on “Bumble Bee or Spider-Man?

  1. Well never mind
    We can come support you both in Manchester next year and stress me out watching for you both to come round the corner with Hayley texting and phoning me on your progress so I could relax for a bit
    BRILLIANT πŸƒπŸƒπŸ‘πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜

    Liked by 1 person

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