Sports Bras… Assistance Required!!

Help Help Help Help Help

I have recently realised that my trusty Marks and Spencer Extra High Impact is just not cutting it!  Having been bigger up top for my entire life, I have stuck to the extra high impact from Marks and Spencer, since my mum bought me my first one as a child… I don’t like change!  But now, I would rather not have the black eyes that seem to be resulting 😉

But where do I turn and what do I look for?

How do you choose a new bra and know it will work?  Running 26.2 miles is slightly different to bouncing up and down in a changing room and deciding yes thats the bra for me.

Will I find a bra that will be as good for running as for triathlon.  Will it chafe when cycling after the swim?

I know Jacqui would also appreciate any help on this subject as I bullied her into buying the same bra as me and am now feeling that may have been a bad wife thing to do.

When I was at Uni I used the wear 2 bras, and then brown tape myself down over the top.  I was solid as a rock… But struggled to breathe, so do not think thats a goer really.

Cross Back, Normal Back, Racer Back, Underwired, None Underwired, Padded, Scoop Back, Crop Top, Front Fastening, Back Fastening… and do not get me started on all the different makes………..

Any advice greatly received.


Frankie xxx


5 thoughts on “Sports Bras… Assistance Required!!

  1. Hi Frankie! We found your plea for help on Twitter and wanted to let you know that all is not lost! If you are still looking for a great sports bra, then the gals at (that’s us!) are here to offer any advice you might need, with the biggest range of sports bras A-K cup! You will definitely need a high impact sports bra for your marathon distance – one that doesn’t chafe and offers full support. You need to ensure that you are wearing the right fit, and it’s true you might need to try a few and have a few alternatives in your workout wardrobe for all types of activity. Every woman’s boobs are different! So what’s right for you might not be right for Jacqui, but there is a lot of choice out there! Don’t hesitate to get in touch. 🙂 We are fighting the double-bra battle, one pair at a time. Many thanks, Charly

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    1. Thanks… I will have a mooch. Do you have any specifically for use in and out of water? I am well and truly on the hunt and need all the help I can get!
      Frankie xxx


      1. We used to have a Shock Absorber one specifically for triathlons but sadly they stopped making it… We have had a few ladies that have done a triathlon in the Shock Absorber Run Bra with good reviews: – This would work under a tri suit. But depending on your bust size, this stops at a G cup. My other suggestions would be brands like Anita (up to FF cup) or PureLime (up to GG cup) – all oon our site if you want to take a look. These should be quick drying enough.

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