I came, I Tri’d, I conquered! 

I woke up… actually Jacqui woke up… 7am on Saturday and refused to go back to bed… so the big weekend started.

I had been on countdown to this weekend since I signed up for the Northwest Triathlon at the Run Swim Tri expo at Event City at the beginning of the year, and now it was here I was worse than a bag of nerves. But first we had my nephews first birthday party at Rubys Fund… oh my goodness he is a gorgeous little boy! What a fab afternoon.

Then onto Brook Bank Farm for an evening of being Farmers Wives… well not technically- but we were in charge as my brother and his girlfriend had gone to a wedding for the weekend.  This meant my mind was kept busy with cuddling Larry the big boy sheep, feeding the stinky pigs, chasing the chickens when they would not go to bed… and jumping electric fences! 

 Early night for us as we had to get up early to do it all again before heading to Nantwich for 8.30am to meet the others at Barony Park. Luckily enough it’s a 10 minute straight road from the farm.

So on the morning of the triathlon it is established that my Tri bag does not have all of the essentials (i remembered on Saturday that I forgot joggers for before and after so have acquired a pair of my mothers flowery ones). Now it turns out I have forgotten shoes for beforehand. I have to say I think I look fetching in my mums joggers, my green “I 💛 Salzberg” t shirt and my Next shoes… but I don’t look like I am taking part.

Registration at 8.30am- number “350” now on my arm and leg and given all my goodies, including Mornflakes and Grime Boss Wipes (side note… they are amazing!!) 

 Back to the car to reassemble the bike and meet up with Cath… who decided to support me and also take part only about a month ago! By this point my parents and friends Kelly, Brett and Pat have arrived to watch. At about 9.30am we are all ready to head over to the pool and transition 1 with the bikes. 

 Quick nervous wee then a couple of minutes to wait before our numbers are called to get our clothes and bikes ready for the cycle… we both get a good spot practically at the mount line so I am very happy. With everything set we head on over to the pool and strip down to our costumes… who knew swimming with a sports bra underneath would be so comfortable!

At about 10.15am we listened to our race briefing and obtained our sexy as hell pink swimming caps… Now I know I have a pretty huge head but they are unisex- one size clearly does not fit all!!

10.26.20 arrives and I set off… 40 seconds after Cath. Why was I nearvous?? I am not seeing anyone or hearing anything apart from Jacqui as I reach the end of the pool on every other length screaming at me to keep going. I don’t think she was impressed when at about length 13 I momentarilly stopped to put the swimming cap back on. 

Little did I know as this was happening Cath was getting out of the pool then falling straight back in- oh how I wish I had seen that.

Swim leg 12mins 43sec – I will take and embrace that, in training I couldn’t better 15 minutes.

Transition 1- I couldn’t help but have a little chuckle as Jacqui was shouting me to hurry up… As i was putting on less clothes I got out before Cath here… that was not to last!

Cycle- 12 miles on open roads are not my idea of heaven. In the gym I was averaging 46 minutes, yet this took me 1hr 2min 2sec. I think I need some more training on the roads as I slow down just because I am nervous of cars.  
Whoever told me this course was flat lies! My little legs can tell the slightest of gradients and they were not happy.
I made it to about 11 miles and there was a little hump bridge- I stand up to get my speed up… ooh no that won’t work I have lost my legs. Now I am dreading the run! 

 Transition 2- I get off my bike and start pushing it… cue Jacqui screaming at me to run. Seriously, anyone other than her, on any other day would have got abuse-not to self she is supporting you! So I do as told and run. 55 second transition…really happy with that! 

 Run- I am not a lap lover. When I run I head somewhere and end. On training runs I cannot run past home or I go home.  
Lap 2 and I pass Jacqui & Hayley who cheer me on- I blubb a little, is it not over yet??
Last lap, less than half a mile to go and I pass them again. Smiling to the shout of “when you see your mum you are at the end”. My body could not help giving rude gestures and shouting obscenities when Jacqui next shouted “you can sprint the rest”.

The amount of pride I felt crossing the line with a 32min 14sec run was ridiculous, then being hugged by the lady who gave me my medal and told I had done well was such a nice feeling. 

I signed up for this triathlon as I had always wanted to do one… and I wanted to prove to myself I could. I have done more than that… I have fallen in love with Triathlon. So far next year Jacqui, Hayley, Brett, Steph and Rachel all say they are joining us, and I cannot wait!! 


Frankie xxx


One thought on “I came, I Tri’d, I conquered! 

  1. You did so well all that training payed off . Tired or not you kept going and should be very proud of yourself All of us are Well Done 🏊🚴🏃😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

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