No pain no gain??

No pain no gain, isn’t that how the old saying goes? Whether you’re a pro tennis player, a Sunday league footballer or starting out on your first Couch to 5k training plan, you push your body to its max at that moment in time.  Whether it’s seeing it through to the end of the Championship, finishing that 90minute game or doing that 1st 1minute full non stop run, your lungs burn, your legs feel like lead & your head is screaming out that you can’t do it. Those are all pains that we can handle as athletes or wannabe athletes. It’s all about mental strength. At the end of the day that kind of pain is just weakness leaving the body! 

But real pain is a different matter!

When I was 16 I had arthroscopic surgery on both my knees due to having a vaulting accident at school. They found nothing. No cartilage damage or ligament injury yet I was still in pain. Over the years I’ve had bouts of swelling, aches & pains & have sometimes used it as an excuse not to exercise. After taking up running nearly 18month ago & probably due to the weigh loss too, I’ve not had that many problems with my knees. However, when they do flare up, they double in size & are very painful, restless nights ensue, not knowing the best place to put my legs. If only I could take them off & put them in the drawer for the night, just to get a sound sleep! 

In recent weeks my knees have gone through one of my ‘bad’ stages, painful & swollen after running. But this time I came across a new cream. To be honest, I’m usually quite sceptical when it comes to pain relief creams/gels as I don’t quite understand how they work. However after using flexiseq sport I think I’m a bit of a convert. 

Here’s the scientific part:-

FLEXISEQ™ is an aqueous gel packed with microscopic spheres called Sequessome™ vesicles. These spheres are made of molecules called phospholipids which naturally occur in the body and variants of which contribute to the lubricating properties of synovial fluid. In addition, Sequessome™ vesicles are highly flexible and compressible which increases their lubricating ability.

Journey to the joint

After FLEXISEQ™ is applied to the skin, the water-based gel begins to dry which triggers the activity of the Sequessome™ vesicles contained within. 

A Sequessome™ loves to be surrounded by water and as the water in its surrounding gel evaporates, it seeks out the next closest source of water – below the skin. The super-flexibility of the micro-spheres allows them to squeeze easily between skin cells and travel gently along the natural spaces found between them.

A layer of FLEXISEQ gel contains millions of Sequessome™ vesicles and this great volume of spheres entering the skin drives those already inside even deeper. Subsequently, Sequessome™ vesicles continue travelling to beyond the skin, through underlying tissues and into joints where they populate the watery environment of the synovial fluid.
The Sequessome™ vesicles contained within the joint capsule are attracted to the cartilage and accumulate on the damaged cartilage surfaces creating a “film” of lubricating phospholipids.

Through this action, Sequessome™ vesicles replenish the depleted layer of lubricants otherwise found on healthy cartilage, resulting in proven pain relief and reduction of joint stiffness. Longer term, further deterioration of the cartilage may be slowed. 

Now in layman’s terms the gel seeps into the skin & takes away the swelling, or at least it does in my case. I’ve put Flexiseq Sport on almost every day for the past few weeks & have had reduced swelling & pain. Now I know that I don’t have cartridge issues & I don’t exactly know why I get swollen knees after running so I can’t say from personal experience that this product ticks every box, but I’d highly recommend a taster few weeks because when you’re in pain this may be your gain! 

Jacqui x


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