I got to boogie! 

Boogie Bounce Xtreme! My sister has been going for a few weeks now & loves it. Usually dancing/jumping about exercise isn’t really my thing, but she asked me & frankie to go & wanting to show support of all the hard work she’s doing, we went. 

So last night we rocked up at Ainsworth Methodist Church hall at 6:15pm for a 6:30pm start & handed over our £5 fee. The lady who runs it, Anna, was lovely, very welcoming & encouraging, also run on a Friday night by Debbie & Julie, both classes part of the Bury Council I Will If You Will program. 

All shapes, sizes, ages & abilities were there in the group of around 12 women. The aim is to jump about on an individual trampoline for a general body workout. A combination of ‘frog’ ‘stomp’ ‘shuffle’ ‘ride the poney’ ’round the world’ all movements to get your heart racing and believe me it does! A 45min class, I was knackard after 15mins! Who knew jumping up & down on a mini trampoline would take so much effort! 

Highly recommended class. Something out of the norm that gets your heart racing, sweating & give you that endorphins fix! 

Check it out! 


Jacqui & Frankie


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