Runners Rut

I feel like im stuck in a rut. A non running rut. For those who have read our blogs we’ve spent the last 6 months training for the Manchester Marathon (as 2 halves) and the Manchester 10k, the last being 10th May. We had a week off to recuperate & then went on holiday. It’s now the 9th June & I’ve done 1 2mile run in that time. I feel tired, bored & with no motivation to put on my running trainers. 

I know I want to train for a full marathon but my myasics training app won’t let that start until the beginning of August as the marathon is in April. Frankie has her first triathlon to compete in on 13th Sept so she’s on it with the start of her training regime. My problem is I have nothing booked. I know there are plenty of half marathons around but when you work shifts it’s hard to find them on your weekend off & the ones that do match my rest days I find myself scrolling through previous years results to compare finish times to see the calibre of runners so I know I’m not likely to be last with my only recorded result of 2hrs 31mins 45sec. 

How do I find my running mojo again? 

Jacqui x


3 thoughts on “Runners Rut

  1. just put on your trainers, go to your favourite running place away from the hustle and bustle of the roads and job until you feel like stopping. Just for fun, don’t record your distance or time and don’t worry about your pace… Remember why you started it in the first place & just enjoy the scenery! πŸ™‚

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  2. I’m struggling too, having done 3 10ks this year (and I still have another 3 to go) I am seriously struggling. I know my next 10k I will be seriously under trained. It doesn’t help that work in leaking into my life 😦 I’m hoping to put my trainers on and get a slow and pretty 5k under my belt and hopefully that will help!

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