Triathlon Training Begins

I started running in July last year because Jacqui had taken it up and successfully completed the Manchester 10k. She had only started to run in March, and I couldn’t join her then due to shoulder surgery at the beginning of April. Thank God for Professor Funk.

All went well and together we completed the Salford 10k in September and then the Manchester Marathon as part of a two man relay, doing half each.

Mid way through half marathon training Hayley, Jacqui and I attended the Run, Bike, Swim expo at Event City. Well I had always talked about wanting to do a triathlon, and the man on the NorthWest Triathlon stand collared us. I was feeling weak… or super strong depending how you look at it- fluttered my eyelashes and Jacqui handed over the money.  Her and Hayley had work as an excuse not to join me… I just think they are not super strong like me 😆

Months down the line, bike purchased, half marathon complete and it still takes a month for the training to begin.

So far this week I have done 2 short runs so really need to buck my ideas up.  I have been totally gee’d up by Jacqui managing to get the whole weekend off so now she can come with me.  Although she will have to look after Augustus and Connie, so has a legitimate reason for not taking part. The Good Wife has said she will train with me though.

This weekend will be the first swim… which is the part I am most nervous about due to my shoulder… not sure it will go too well, but it will not stop me.  Hayley really now has no excuse, she changed jobs and has every weekend off. Peer pressure needed I think! ( She normally succumbs fairly quickly)

The one thing that keeps me going when I really cannot be bothered… be seen be safe clothing… I just look at myself and giggle- then I am on my way.

If anyon has any tips they would be greatly appreciated, I think until now I have well and truly had blinkers on as to how hard it is actually going to be. Eeek!

Frankie xx


3 thoughts on “Triathlon Training Begins

  1. Yay!! Well done for kick starting your training!! I really want to start but seriously got to stay optimistic for my knee… I have Physio next week so going to ask if I can start to run again!! Fingers crossed. If so. I MIGHT join up to do it with you…. 😳

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  2. Well done! What distance are you doing? My husband has done a triathlon (70.3), his big tip is to get hours in the saddle (bike) and training doesn’t have to be the disciplines, could be a cross trainer or rowing as long as you’re building the cardio up to the time you’re aiming for. Good luck

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