30 Day Beach Body Challenge

So… I was going to keep this next challenge quiet until it was complete and I have Sitges beach ready body.

The 30 day beach body challenge started last night with 2 x 60 second planks, and 50 crunches- no match for me after the past 30 days.  I however do not think this one will continue to be so easy as in the 30 days there are the sum total of 0 rest days!! **shocked face**

This morning things changed. I opened the wardrobe door with the mirror and saw the tiniest little cut in at the top of my belly in the middle.  As everyone knows who has read my previous posts I do have a bit of a belly… and for the record have NEVER had better than a 1 pack. Now it would appear this is multiplying into a 2 pack. 

Oh my goodness I may get the beach body afterall!!

Now someone please get on my back to start my triathlon training as in 15 weeks and 4 days I’m competing in my first one at the North West Triathlon – my body hasn’t seen a pool or ridden a bike in a fair while.  Eeeek- exciting times 😆

Frankie xx


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