There’s nothing better!

If you’ve been keeping up to date with our blog you’ll know that we’ve spent the last 10 days in Austria. That means that our furbabies have been left at home being looked after by grandparents. 

We have 2 cats Gretsch (female tabby) and Boris (male black & white).  


And we have 2 Labradors, 11month old chocolate lab, Augustus & 14yr old yellow lab, JayJay (who lives with my mum & dad).  


They have their own funny personalities. The kids (cats), when we’re packing, usually sit inside the bags or suitcases & make it as difficult as they can for us to pack. I like to think that they just want to leave us some fur so we won’t forget them! And then on our return, Boris will be as loving as ever & Gretsch gives us the silent treatment of abandonment for a day or so! This was the 1st time that we had left Augustus. He spent his holidays at the Canine Centre daycare which tired him out for grandparents when he got home at night, & also gave the old boy Jay a rest from puppy playtime. 

So after 2 flights (Vienna-Frankfurt & Frankfurt-Manchester) with Lufthansa, some surprisingly quick baggage collection at Manchester airport, we made our way out to the arrivals area to be met by my mum. Dad had gone to the toilet she said, so we were waiting outside for him. Tired & carrying heavy bags I didn’t think twice. Until I saw a man with the cutest of chocolate Labradors with him. We dropped our bags & ran. Couldn’t wait to get a big cuddle & that see that waggy tail! 

As much as we try to live our lives to the fullest, go on holiday & have fun, there’s nothing better than coming home to cuddles & licks from our furbabies, or is that just us?   

Jacqui & Frankie xx


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