Aaaah Vienna!!

So we’d spent my birthday morning in Salzburg & now the afternoon we travelled to Vienna with the Thunderbirds on the westbahn train. We had perfect timing on the westbahn connections with the U-Bahn and made it easily with a 133yard walk to our hotel for the night, the Flemmings Deluxe Hotel Wien-City. We’d paid extra with it being my birthday for a deluxe room with city view & balcony.  

The room was modern & quirky with a full glass shower in the middle of the bedroom. No shyness allowed here! The views of the city were amazing, even better at night when the Rathaus was lit up. 

We ventured out for tea to a place Bean had been to before called Centimeter. This is a quirky intimate pub type place with cheap & ridiculously huge portioned food, some of which come in the weirdest of presentations in wheelbarrows, axes & swords!   

Washed down of course with Radler!   

After filling our faces with schnitzel, wurstel & lumberjack dumplings, & of course our pudding bellies with Austrian filled dumplings we tried to burn off the calories with a wander around. Whether it’s good or bad timing, I’m not sure, but the Eurovision Song Contest is being held in Vienna this coming weekend & so the front of the Rathaus is set up for live events & from last weekends Life Ball.   

The following day we spent taking in the sights of Vienna, including the Jewish Quarter, St Stephens Cathedral, Demmel cake shop & the Museum Quarter & found the newly installed ‘building bridges’ pedestrian crossing lights. 


Vienna…….building bridges! 👭❤️

Jacqui & Frankie  


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