30 Day Ab Challenge Completed??

Complete… Or is it?!

The obligatory before photos:-


I had it in my head 30 days would turn me into a toned goddess, oh how wrong I was. Although I think part of the problem is that from day 25 I have been on holiday!

Take day 29 for instance, sit ups, crunches and leg raises all completed on a solid wood floor… Ouch.  There was however. No way on this earth my elbows would have coped with a 115 second plank- so I decided to do this on the bed- which my ankles didn’t like, but the completed.

Day 30 was the shopping day. Oh how my life has changed in the past year… I now get stupidly excited about my new techfit Adidas tights. Eek!!! I am such a spoilt girl… And I love it!

I even completed day 30 wearing them 🙂

 While I am not too impressed with how my flabbiness turned out- I am going to carry on with day 30 each day’s, three on then 1 off in the hope that eventually I get the body I so crave. And when the holiday is over and the triathlon training seriously commences I will transform myself… Into a whole new person.

I may even do a Jillian Michaels 30 day shred- which Jacqui has informed me she will complete this time and not cave on day 2!!

Day 30



Frankie xx

Ps no one except me managed to complete it all!!! 


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