Guten tag von Austria

Goodbye Manchester, guten tag Sankt Pölten, Austria!

On Saturday we set off with our friends Bean & Heather, on our Austria holiday starting with the obligatory airport breakfast at Giraffe at Manchester Airport. We flew with Lufthansa via Frankfurt to Vienna. We’ve never flown with Lufthansa before but we certainly will be doing again. Comfy seats, more than enough leg room in the economy seats, complimentary sandwich snack & drink including choice of wines which went down well with Frankie & Heather. 

We set off at 12:40pm slightly delayed due to inefficient Manchester ground crew according to the German pilot! 

With a short stop over in Frankfurt & a mass crowd push to get back on the plan (no British queuing on the continent!) and another short flight & we’re in Vienna being collected by Manfred, Bean’s brother-in-law. A light bite to eat & some gorgeous Austrian lemon/lime lager & we were done for the day. 

A nice relaxing Sunday, for us at least, but not for some Austrians. We watched the St Pölten Ironman competition. 

Now I know, as you may have read, that both myself & Frankie are in to running, but this Ironman lark is a bit beyond us! 1.6km swim, 90km bike ride & 25km run. Now that sounds a lot but not really understanding the metric system I had to convert it to miles & now that is a hell of a lot!! Just thinking about all that energy made us hungry & thirsty. So what do the British do when they don’t understand the language?? They order ham & cheese toasties! I fear that will be our staple food for the duration. But if they are anything like the ones we had today at Cafe Roma in the beautiful setting of the main square, we won’t be complaining. 

Finishing off the day playing with Bean’s neices, some gorgeous barbecued steak  & some more of that Gösser Natur Radler beer going down far to easily, we could get used to this Austrian life! 

Jacqui & Frankie


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