Manchesters Great Weekend

This weekend the Great city of Manchester has been host to a spectacle of sporting events. Starting off by hosting the Great City Games on Saturday with the likes of Jessica Ennis-Hill and Greg Rutherford competing in pole vaulting, hurdles & long jump, and then culminating in elite & mass participation charity runners in Europe’s biggest 10km, the Morrisons Great Manchester Run. 

I took part in the latter running with my friend Eileen in aid of Kidneys for Life, raising money for the Manchester Royal Infirmary Renal Units. This was my 3rd 10k race since I started running in March 2014 & Eileen had done a few charity events before either running or walking. Initially I was going to run the event for a specific time. I was motivated after the half marathon & really wanted to push for a 60min 10k time. Eileen had started the Couch to 10k program about 3 months ago & would be running & walking the Manchester 10k & she wanted me to run for time, didn’t want to ‘hold me back’. But as Frankie had family commitments with our nephews christening & wasn’t running with us I remembered the reason I was running THIS 10k. It wasn’t about being in a faster wave than last year. It wasn’t about going for a 60min time. It was about running for a charity that was close to my friends heart. It was about supporting her in getting around this 10k course however that may be. Walking, running, jogging or crawling, WE were finishing this 10k! 
So at 12:30pm we took our place in the green/pink wave. We tried to take part in the mass warm up session but as we were all packed in like sardines it was hard to do the waving jumping around without giving someone a black eye so we ended up looking more like we were ‘dad dancing!’ And at 1:30pm we were off on the B of the Bang, crossing the start line with the obligatory start of the stop watch. We took off at a very good pace making it quickly to the 1km mark. The charity crowds all the way around the course were brilliant as always at shouting support & encouragement regardless of the charity t-shirt/vest people were wearing. With a mix of good paced running & some quick walking section we finally got to the 9km mark & gave it our last push under the 2 bridges & crossing the finishing line in 1hr 20mins 21sec. A faster time than my last Manchester 10k but the time wasn’t important today. Today was about charity. Today was about supporting a friend. A great day had to finish off a Great Manchester Weekend. 
Jacqui x

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