15 done 15 to go! 

Day 16… Rest Day…

And a day to reflect on the past 15 of the 30 day ab challenge.

Day 1 Jacqui and I started along with about 6 others from work… short story- there is only me left. I would say going strong, but that would be a huge lie! This challenge is challenging to say the least.

Take day 11 for instance, I forgot to do my exercises until I had dozed off in bed. Cue me bolt upright declaring a disaster. But i got up, to cries of “just forget it today, get back in bed”. But anyone who knows me knows my head cannot quit on a challenge. 

For me this started when on a weeks rest following our first half marathon, and not wanting to do nothing. Along with wanting a beach body for our impending holiday in Austria 🙂  I know there are no beaches, but thats the build up for Barcelona!!  So last night… day 15… half way there. You would think there would have been some progress with my podge. If my wifes Mutley laugh is anything to go by, it would appear not. Let’s hope developments speed up, or the last few days will be hard, especially as we will be on holiday!
Frankie x

One thought on “15 done 15 to go! 

  1. 😂 lol Frankie!! You are doing great.. And don’t let the wife laugh at your podge when she’s lying in bed snoozing & your working out!!! Well done x

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