Who run the worlds? 

In March 2015 I attended the Run Expo at Manchester’s Event City with Frankie & Hayley. As part of our entry to the Manchester Marathon Relay we had each received a free ticket to the Expo so took full advantage. The day itself was great. We got to try out various flavours of High5 isogel’s, energels & rehydration drinks & ate our own weight in Clif bar samples. I also took advantage of a free t-shirt when signing up to the Great Manchester 10k. 

Across from the Great Run stand was a guy on his own trying to get people to have their photo took with their head through a hole in a picture of animated runners. Most people weren’t taking him on, so as we were in for anything free that day we jumped at the chance. We all took each other’s pictures in random running poses. The aim was to then post the picture on Twitter with the #runtheworlds to be in with the chance of winning a free place in the IAAF World Half Marathon Championship‘s in Cardiff in 2016!
With so much going on with working shifts, training for our first half marathon, walking the dog & going to dog classes, birthdays & holiday plans the entry into this competition had completely slipped my mind.
So today I was sitting on the sofa with Augustus asleep across my knee after a hard day at work (and a lazy day for the boy) when I got a Twitter notification from @cardiff2016 & I nearly had a heart attack! I was 1 of 10 free competition winners! Luck of the draw or added pressure. Having run my first half marathon in 2hrs 31mins & now having a place in the IAAF championship I fear I’m going to be totally out of my depth but the answer to the question Who runs the worlds………ME!! Argh!!!!
Jacqui x

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