30 Day Ab Challenge

Not content with having a week of rest after our first half marathon, Frankie decides to sign us up for the 30 day Ab challenge. 

I know this has been going around for some time now & I always kinda fancied it but thought ‘ouch the pain’ and always put it off. But since the beginning of 2015, Frankie & I have lost 1st 3lb & 1st 7lb respectively with the use of myfitnesspal so we’re trying to be on a health kick, losing weight, getting fit & now toning up. 

With the obligatory ‘before’ pictures taken & stored on our phones awaiting the final ‘after’ pictures in 30 days time,  we completed day 1’s task. 15 sit ups, 5 crunches, 5 leg raises & 10sec plank. I’m already not looking forward to day 30!   

Jacqui & Frankie x


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